Sakura is a photographer based in Wellington (Aotearoa NZ).

Her photographic interests lie in conceptual investigations into our multifaceted connections to place and our environment through subject matters including, but not limited to, the historical, mythological and scientific. These themes are analysed through digital and film photography and are inspired by personal explorations and commonplace experiences.

Solo exhibitions:
2019: The Fifteenth Night - Thomas King Observatory, Wellington
Group exhibitions:
2018: Germinate (Lemon Eye Artist Collective) - The Third Eye Tuatara Brewery, Wellington
2019: Dispersion (Lemon Eye Artist Collective) - Bowen House, Wellington
2019: Broadly Speaking: a New Wave of Contemporary Female Photographers - Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery, Lower Hutt
2019:  Exposure Graduate Exhibition - College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington
2020: Fresh 2020 Graduate exhibition - Jhana Millers Gallery, Wellington

2020: Massey University Scholarship (Creative Arts) - The Massey Scholarship acknowledges the achievement of the University's top 5% of undergraduate students and supports them to take up postgraduate studies

2016-2019: Bachelor of Design with Honours (First Class Honours in Photography), Massey University, Wellington
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