This series addresses and acknowledges the omnipresence of objects in our everyday lives. Various interactions between body and mundane object present the objects in an unconventional way, removed from their intended uses. Robbed of their usual context, the depictions of the objects with the body questions and re-frames the mundane, making them familiar yet unfamiliar: despite the everyday nature of the objects portrayed, the contact between them and the body is not. By overturning the use of each object, objective observation explores the relationships we as humans have with objects. Whether it is the notion of an object becoming an extension of the body itself, or the desire we have for objects and the value we perceive in them, the photographs question what role objects have in our interaction with the wider world.
Considered also are aspects of ergonomics, and form and function: while a majority of the objects portrayed are naturally occurring creations of the earth or utilitarian tools that are not purposefully made to be art, they happen to be unintentionally aesthetic. The folds in an umbrella, the glint of a saucepan or the matte surface of an egg, for example, can be viewed as being beautiful details of the everyday that are often overlooked. This interpretation of the imagery is referred to in the title, where no symbolic associations a certain object may hold are assigned to the viewing.
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